Florent Vitse

- PRODUCTION designer -




Florent Vitse was born on March 3rd, 1973 in the North of France and has been a Production Designer for over fifteen years. Son of a playwright father, theater director and a mother dedicated to teaching Literature, he grew up in a cultural universe with swings between classic literature and Parisian theaters. As a child and teenager, he received actor training from his father’s professional company and also from the Dramatic Art Conservatory. In 1995, after obtaining a Diploma in Social and Cultural Sciences (DUT) at the University of Lille, he lived in Budapest and focused his participation on a Dadaist play about Tristan Tzara and Francis Picabia. In Hungary, among several professions as a French teacher, he then works as a photographer whose latest three exhibitions have been in Eastern Europe, Mexico, Morocco and Asia, as he traveled around the world between 1996 and 2003.

There are no coincidences and the «hazard» of life sends him to Mexico for the third time in 2003, where he decided to settle in. Thanks to his caméléon adaptation and linguistic resources, Florent developed his visual world, from his first bilingual experience as a coordinator of Bandidas by Luc Besson, he continued assisting art direction as he developed several projects for the next two years until he obtained his first work position as a Production Designer in a Horror Series, 13 Miedos, produced by Lemon Films, then diverse series, (Simuladores with Televisa and Sr Avila with HBO). Other productions have been video clips and in marketing, but above all he will focus on the feature films that motivate and inspire his daily passion for productive and colorful creativity.

From having worked as an actor in France for a decade and then as a photographer in the Eastern European countries, Florent now works as a Production Designer and thanks to his inspirations in the context of vast artistic past, Florent adapts to the forms, the colors, the elements and dreams that each new artistic project uniquely requires.